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Could a dry July boost your oral health? The benefits of having a break from the booze

It seems that Australians just love to drink. Whether it’s a glass of red from the Barossa Valley or you prefer a Milton Mango (which is XXXX Gold for those who haven’t caught on yet), there is no questioning our alcohol obsession. So what happens when thousands of Aussies decide…

How do I know if I am receiving value for money with my dental treatment?

future dental office cairns

How do we value the price of dental treatment? When we have nothing else to compare the value and quality of our dental treatment apart from comparing fees, it is natural for us to presume that the cheaper the fees the better value we receive. We naturally assume a commodity…

Get the best dental treatment for you in bite-size instalments


Want the best dental treatment for you, but aren’t sure what your options are? Dental health is not a particularly exciting topic. Nor is the prospect of visiting a dentist and having treatment. But surely it’s better than being in pain? After all, pain—aside from being uncomfortable—is our body’s way…

Not all dentists are the same…

future dental comprehensive oral examination

Your First Oral Health Examination at Future Dental Did you ever have an appointment for a dental examination and found it only took 5 minutes and you thought “Wow! That was easy. I’m must be in better dental health than I thought.” And did you also think after your quick…

Not happy with your extras cover? Maybe it’s #Time2Switch!


With more and more Australians favouring extras policies over hospital cover, there is a growing call for private health insurance reform due to increased premiums and lack of transparency among providers. Dental cover is a necessity for most people and with an increasing amount of insurers owning and operating dental…

Government announces increased support of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Your children’s oral health can be an area of constant concern for many parents, especially for those who struggle to afford regular dental care. Although the overall oral health of children has improved significantly since the mid-late 1970s, many Australian children don’t have regular access to necessary dental care. Since…

Is your baby having problems latching on to breastfeed? We may be able to help!

Tongue Ties, Lip Ties

Tongue ties and lip ties are a congenital condition in which a piece of connective tissue is too short; in lip ties this is the tissue attaching the lip to the gum, and in tongue ties it’s the tissue connecting your tongue to the floor of your mouth. When there…

The sleep apnoea symptoms you might not know about

sleep apnoea

Snoring and daytime drowsiness are probably the best known symptoms of sleep apnoea, but did you know there are quite a few others which aren’t quite as well known? We’ve compiled a questionnaire we use to help our patients identify if they have the symptoms of sleep apnoea, and some…

Case Study: Eloise’s Cfast orthodontics journey

Cfast orthodontic treatment Cairns

Future Dental’s Eloise Webb recently underwent Cfast orthodontic treatment with Dr . Here’s her journey in her own words. Whilst being fairly happy with my smile, I have always wanted to have perfectly straight upper and lower front teeth. There was some overlap of my upper lateral incisors (the teeth…

Mouth breathing in infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school children… Is it a concern?

snoring in children

Mouth breathing has until quite recently not been regarded as a serious problem. However, the current understanding is that it can be quite a significant issue, depending on the age of the child and the reasons behind it. In fact, chronic mouth breathing in a young child can have a…

Could your smile benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry

Your smile can be your finest physical asset, gives you a good chance at creating a great first impression and is one of your most convincing forms of communication.   If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry but are unsure of what treatment is right for you, Dr Bob Gibbins…

Is snoring ruining your sleep?

Is snoring ruining your sleep? | Surf Pacific

Not everyone who snores has sleep apnoea but this doesn’t mean you – or your partner – don’t suffer from the snoring. At Future Dental, we successfully treat patients who suffer from the medical condition obstructive sleep apnoea. OSA is a breathing disorder and has been linked to other harmful…

What can you expect from us at Future Dental?

future dental cairns

[embed][/embed] What can you expect from us at Future Dental? Probably what you will not expect from us is more relevant to you. We have unfortunately seen many trends and changes in dentistry since the mid-seventies. In those days doctors and dentists were believed and even held with some esteem. Professional…

Is your health insurance worth the cost?

health insurance cost

With the announcement of a 5.59% hike in the average price of private health insurance, Australian consumer advocate group CHOICE says some consumers may be better off dropping their extras cover. CHOICE head of media Tom Godfrey said consumers need to ask themselves why they have private health insurance. “Is…

Advantages of Cfast braces

At Future Dental, we are proud to be the only dentist in Cairns offering the revolutionary Cfast orthodontic system, which can straighten adult teeth in as little as eight weeks. Simple and subtle, the Cfast system uses almost-invisible braces which focus on your “social six” teeth – the front teeth…

Relief from sleep-disorder breathing with Oventus Clearway Device™

Australian first, breakthrough in sleep-disordered breathing treatments introduces the Oventus Clearway Device™; a custom-made mouthguard which redirects air flow to bypass breathing obstructions. Oventus Clearway Device™ Future Dental has recently become one of a select number of authorised Clearway clinicians across Australia to deliver the ground-breaking new mouthguard to treat…

Baby Boomers Have Unique Oral Health Issues

We baby boomers are now in our late 50’s and 60’s and some even nudging 70.  Some of us are already retired and the rest are not far off. We are expecting to live quite a bit longer than our parents did and most of us have more of our…

What can you expect from crowns at Future Dental?

Firstly we provide same-day crowns (constructed using E4D CADCAM technology) in the majority of cases made from video scans usually taken directly in the mouth in place of impressions. The material choice is Emax Porcelain, the most robust of all the All-Ceramic Crown materials. This material is highly aesthetic and…

Morning breath is perfectly normal

Morning breath is perfectly normal - here's why and how to deal with it. Our saliva flow slows down greatly over night when it is needed less and the drying out (inspisation) of our saliva and mucus membranes allows a large build-up of VSCs. If we lie on our backs…

Dental extras health insurance – is it really worth it?

Rethink Your Ancillary Cover – Official policy of the Australian Dental Association On April 1, 2014 new premiums for private health insurance took effect. With Private Health Insurance premiums for the 2014 increasing by 6.2 per cent health fund members have to rethink their insurance cover. With dental fees over the…

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