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Our orthodontic treatments can help you achieve a straight smile

Having straight teeth is a big part of a healthy smile. It helps with the overall health of your teeth as brushing and flossing can become easier, reducing the likelihood of decay. If you have crooked or irregular teeth, an improper bite or disproportionate jaw, we provide a range of orthodontic solutions.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. At Future Dental, we are proud to provide orthodontic treatment to our patients and are ecstatic with the results patients are experiencing.

One of the lesser understood but the most vital role of Orthodontics relates to development of the airway and proper breathing, swallowing and speech in children.
A narrow crowded dental arche and high palate often causes sleep disordered breathing, even sleep apnoea in many cases, mouth breathing, frequent tonsil infections and development of a long face.

Early diagnosis is essential to ensure correct facial skeletal growth and a team approach is often required to manage children who snore, are mouth breathers, suffer frequent tonsillitis and middle ear infections and, even if we do not think we are the best to treat these problems with kids, we will see the child is referred to the ENT Surgeon, Sleep Specialist or Orthodontist.

Crowded crooked teeth are often a sign of far more threatening health issues for a child and should be assessed by your dentist generally even before your doctor.

Recent technological advances and changes in bracket design have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable and efficient so that desired outcomes are achieved in much shorter treatment periods. Orthodontic treatment was traditionally performed on children and teenagers. While this is still the best time to identify and treat these issues, we now treat people of all ages and find that adult orthodontics is rapidly growing in popularity. This means it’s never too late for straight and beautiful teeth.

Our orthodontic treatments use some of the most modern techniques available.

If your misaligned teeth are causing you to feel self-conscious about smiling, we would recommend that you come in for an oral assessment. Our orthodontic treatments can help to restore the balance for your bite and smile.

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