Digital Smile Design Cairns

Design your own smile together with Future Dental

As technology keeps progressing, so does the dental industry and at Future Dental, we take pride in keeping up with the latest news and in providing the most advanced procedures. We know that your smile is as unique as your personality and that most patients want their smile to shine through. This is why we have invested in the innovative dental technology, Digital Smile Design.

This patient-centric approach enables patients to visualise and modify their smile digitally with the use of computer technology. This lets you see what your future smile may look like on a screen and together with your dentist you can instantly make changes and see the result. This gives you the chance to reconsider which treatments you want before committing.

Using advanced digital imaging, photography and videography, your dentist can identify possible solutions and go through them thoroughly with you. This all aids in our vision of ensuring our patients can make the best-informed decisions regarding their options.

The main benefits of using the Design Smile Design technology is:

  • Patients get to design their own smile and treatment
  • Aids in the diagnosis, treatment planning and case maintenance
  • Clinical efficiency and predictability trough digital technology

Once you are ready for the first mock-up to be created, a mould is taken of your mouth onto which temporary resin materials will be used to craft the anticipated result. You are now free to take this home and get opinions from family and friends, and to make sure that this is the right smile for you. The last step of the procedure is when our dentist finally performs your required treatments and you already know that the results will be what you desire. Together, we will have created your dream smile.

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