Dental Bridges Cairns

Damaged or missing teeth can affect both the function and the aesthetic appearance of your entire mouth

Bridges provide a permanent solution for damaged or missing teeth that can improve the function and appearance of your teeth and smile. If teeth are missing in the mouth, often the remaining teeth can move and shift into the empty space which can cause difficulties, for both function and appearance.

A bridge, similar to a crown, is a fitted prosthetic. The difference is that bridges are often used when a patient has lost more than one tooth and several are in need of replacing. The bridge can be made in a laboratory or custom made with our E4D custom made device which is anchored to adjacent teeth to replace one or several missing teeth, or occasionally to splint loose neighbouring teeth. Several types of bridges can be used.

Some people, especially women, become sensitive to the various precious metal alloys used in porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges and this results in permanently swollen, reddened gums that bleed readily around the margins of even perfectly fitted prostheses.

The simplest bridge type involves a silver looking metallic wing that is bonded to the tongue side of neighbouring teeth. This holds the missing tooth. This type of bridge is an adhesion bridge sometimes known as a Maryland Bridge or Adhesive Bridge.

Maryland Bridge or Adhesive Bridge


  • The most economical choice
  • The most conservative in relation to minimal preparation of anchoring teeth usually requiring no needles at all.


  • A small percentage become de-bonded and need to be bonded back on. This can only be done 1 or 2 times before replacement with the full crown type is needed.

Conventional bridge

This is the more common and stronger type. It involves placing crowns on the adjacent teeth and joining these to a new tooth to replace the missing tooth or teeth.


  • Strongest
  • Best Appearance
  • Longest Lasting


  • Most costly
  • More preparation needed to anchoring teeth

Dental bridges for missing teeth

Missing teeth can also affect the function of the mouth, the gaps and missing teeth often making it difficult to chew. In this case, a bridge can be created to fit in the mouth and fill the empty space as well as cover any surrounding teeth that are broken, discoloured or damaged. Like crowns, bridges are designed to fit within the aesthetic of the rest of the mouth, matching in colour and shape.

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