Dental Crowns Cairns

Effectively restore and protect your mouth’s function and appearance

Crowns, commonly referred to as “caps”, are dental restorations that cover over and entirely encase the visible portion of a tooth. In comparison, fillings only fill in or cover a small portion of a tooth. Crowns last for decades and look beautiful.

There are several reasons why a tooth needs a crown:

  1. To strengthen a tooth. A tooth that has lost 50% or more of its coronal tooth structure is very weak, even when filled with the best fillings materials available. We usually recommend that a heavily filled or decayed tooth be crowned before it collapses.
  2. To restore a tooth to its original shape. A tooth that is broken or that is very worn down from years of grinding is often flattened and ineffectual at chewing. A crown would be the ideal method of restoring a tooth’s anatomy to provide an efficient chewing surface and very aesthetic result.
  3. To improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. A crown encases the entire visible of a tooth and can, therefore, be used to idealise the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. Crowns can correct cosmetic problems such as discolouration, crowding and poor alignment, and aberrations in size and shape of a tooth.
  4. To stop the progression of Cracks and Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS). A cracked tooth initially presents with a sudden sharp pain when biting down, which immediately subsides once you release the biting pressure. Often hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks will cause sudden sharp pain in cracked teeth. A tooth that is greatly weakened by a crack will often die if untreated. A crack in a tooth is like a crack in a windscreen. They only get worse and if left long enough will allow bacteria into the nerve causing an abscess and the need for either an extraction or a root canal treatment.
  5. To restore a tooth that has gone through root canal therapy. Not only are they more prone to breakage but those breakages are usually un-restorable and the entire tooth will then need surgical removal. This is a great shame after you went through the inconvenience and high cost of a root canal treatment.

Not all crowns are the same

What types of crowns are available? There are basically four different types of crowns available but that does not mean they fit all crown needs.

  1. All-Ceramic Crowns
  2. Full Gold Crowns
  3. Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns
  4. Provisional Crowns

To best determine which type of crown you need, we will need to perform a thorough assessment of your teeth, your bite and your smile. Future Dental is at the very leading edge in all areas of dentistry including the safest and most aesthetic crowns

Lava Ultimate Crowns (provisional crowns)

Not everyone can afford the cost of multiple permanent crowns all at once and we may be able to place permanent Emax crowns on the rear-most teeth to support the remaining teeth requiring crowns while placing Provisional Crowns made by our E4D technology from a material called Lava Ultimate CADCAM.

These provisional crowns can be placed at about a third of the cost of the final Emax crown and may be replaced over a longer period of time to spread your costs. By using an identical preparation to the Emax crown, when you are ready to replace another one or two, we can simply use the original electronic computer design to fabricate your new Emax crown and take off the old Lava Ultimate Crown(s) and finally bond the new Emax Crown(s) at the same time.

Are Lava Ultimate Crowns as good as Emax?  No, but they are far better than a tooth that is falling apart due to broken down fillings and cracks or lost cusps. We would usually suggest we make you a night guard to help prevent breaking your provisional crowns during that time it takes for you to be ready to place the final crowns one or a few at a time.

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