Drug Free Migraine Treatment Cairns

Are you looking for drug-free migraine pain relief? Future Dental can help! 

Of the many different causes of migraines and tension-type headaches, severe grinding with clenching of teeth is one of the most common causes.  

Correct identification of the link between hyperactivity of masticatory (chewing or jaw muscles) and these debilitating life-changing headaches is only possible by a thorough examination of the jaw functions by a dentist well versed in this specialised area of dentistry – and we are one of them! 

Headaches, earaches, and facial aches can often be reduced with occlusal splint therapy. Future Dental’s experience in treating people with migraines and headaches dates to 1973, and we are a centre for referral by various specialists. Many different splints are available, but only an experienced practitioner who is well trained in occlusal therapy can give you the right one for your needs. 

Drug-free migraine treatment 

Clients are often referred to us for continuing investigations into migraine pain. One of the more common causes of chronic or episodic migraine is hyperactivity of the masticatory muscles.  

With over 40 years’ experience of assessing these joints and muscles, this has been an area of particular interest to Dr Bob Gibbins. 

All chronic migraine cases require thorough medical investigation usually commencing with your dentist or GP doctor. Many will require specialist referral and various radiography tests and MRIs. Should these fail to localise and manage the cause, hyper-activity of the muscles of mastication and supporting muscles of the head and neck need investigation.  

Severe Bruxism (grinding and clenching of the teeth) is a common factor and is managed by the use initially of Myofunctional Therapy in our office and sometimes low-level laser therapy and followed by physiotherapy and other body workers. We have a network of allied health professionals with whom we work and to whom we regularly refer. 

We may in chronic cases where the pain pattern has become deep-seated and with a psycho-social component, even advise the need to refer for relaxation therapy, hypnosis and other related techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom training), BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  

It may sound instinctive, but about 2/3 of the population have learnt incorrect breathing techniques since their first breath, and breathing training is a very useful adjunct to chronic pain management. We have several sources where breathing therapy is available. 

Following these procedures, we will frequently need to make custom dental splints of various types depending on each individual. 

Muscle relaxant injections

Muscle relaxant injections are the usual last line of management. These are only administered when we have indicated a strong link between migraine and these orofacial structures, may we be able to administer muscle relaxant injections to these muscles to alleviate the symptoms or eliminate these headaches. This typically will give three to four months of relief and will need to be repeated probably every three months to prevent recurrence. Most people understand quite high doses of these relaxant drugs are costly especially if the procedure requires regular repetition. 

For Chronic Migraine sufferers, (15 or more days a month) we will likely refer you for treatment by a Neurologist, who can administer these muscle relaxant injections under Medicare coverage. 

Future Dental typically reduces the unit fee for these unfortunate people given the very large doses required and frequent need to redo it all, however, the benefits to sufferers can be life-changing when debilitating headaches have ruled their lives. 

At times, we may advise you to consider hypnosis to reduce the habit of grinding of your teeth usually in your sleep. We work closely with a clinical psychologist who specialises in medical hypnosis.

Occlusal Therapy in Cairns

If you are prone to migraine attacks, you know how much relief and prevention would mean to you. Contact Future Dental today to see if we can make your world a little less painless and a whole lot brighter. 

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