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We provide the best available removable prosthetics to our clients

With years of combined experience in constructing natural-looking solutions, Future Dental provides the best available removable prosthetics to our clients. 

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth which are designed to replace missing teeth, compliment existing teeth and help your facial muscles, whilst also assisting you with maintaining good oral health. 

There are two main types of treatments – full and partial dentures.

Full denture services at Future Dental

Our full dentures are characterised to simulate natural teeth and gums, so they don’t look like the standard, non-natural looking pink gum false teeth you would see in the movies. Tinting of the gums to look like real gums and plumping of the denture flange is done where lip support is needed to prevent creases and lines in the lips.

A clear palate can be added for those who are concerned their appliance will be visible on the palate when laughing or yawning. Even gold fillings can be added to simulate your own teeth before they were removed if that is how your teeth looked.

We don’t make our complete dentures look like a row of piano keys, all perfect and even, as natural teeth rarely look like that. With that being said though, it can be done like that if that is what you want.

Partial denture services at Future Dental

Removable partial dentures can similarly be characterised. Many people do not like the appearance of the metal clasps on partial dentures that clamp it to your natural teeth. Fortunately, however, these issues with connecting to remaining teeth can be overcome with a newer type of partial denture called Valplast.

This type is a very natural-feeling attachment that is very thin and strong and the clasps are incorporated in the pink plastic material and blend in with the teeth to look just like you are not wearing a denture at all. They are now one of our most popular types of partial denture.

There are three material types available, which are:

  1. Acrylic. This is the cheapest type and has a shorter life expectancy than the other two types but it has a number of advantages. Acrylic partial dentures are quick to make, can often be quite easy to add another tooth if one of the supporting natural teeth are lost and can be made as a temporary denture for various reasons or a cheap spare for those who feel very insecure about the thought of something happening to their denture.
  2. Metal Based (Chrome Cobalt). Chrome partial dentures are the strongest, longest lasting and most robust partials, but also the most expensive. These metal partial dentures tend to show the metal clasps, but this can be overcome in some cases by incorporating precision attachments to crowns on natural teeth that support them. This can, however, become a fairly costly exercise.
  3. Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures have no metal or metal clasps at all and are the most lifelike of all the partial denture types. They do have some limitations as to when they are suitable, and we will need to assess each case. The cost is midway between the fees for an acrylic partial and a Chrome Cobalt framed partial denture. Valplast material is a special material that provides its really good qualities and there are some dental laboratories that advertise Valplast dentures that use non-genuine resin. These non-genuine dentures may look similar but certainly are inferior and are very difficult to repair, reline or add teeth if a natural tooth is lost.

An innovative dental treatment

At Future Dental, all dentures including both full and partial options are now 3D printed. This is to give the most accurate and precise fit ever.

Dentures in Cairns

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