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A beautiful smile does not end with your teeth … neither should your dentistry!

Now Future Dental can give you a one-stop home for facial and oral enhancement and therapeutics. Future Dental is an AADFA trained and approved practice for use of wrinkle and line relaxation and dermal fillers for the facial region.

AADFA or the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics is recognised as the most thorough and intensive training in the use of facial cosmetic therapeutic injectables. No one knows more about the relationship between your face, facial muscles and your teeth and gums than an AADFA trained dental surgeon. No one can truly create a beautiful smile better with the breadth of knowledge and training.

Will cosmetic injectables including wrinkle reduction and relaxation and dermal fillers work for you?

The result of these procedures is largely within your control. To optimise the effect and value of these quite expensive procedures, it is important to understand various factors that will reduce the impact of these treatments.

The two main factors that affect the skin’s ageing and appearance are sun exposure and smoking.

  • Continuing unprotected or under protected sun exposure will greatly decrease the impact of any skin treatments including cosmetic injectables. The sun is the greatest cause of skin ageing and daily use of effective sun protection measures is extremely sensible. Use block-out every day whether you expect sun exposure or not.
  • The other big factor is smoking. There are many practitioners who will simply refuse to do cosmetic injectables in someone who smokes. Smoking cessation is always a choice and if you require additional motivation to help you quit, the understanding that any cosmetic injectable treatment will have much less effect in a smoker may help provide that motivation if you are contemplating these procedures. Of course, there are numerous other reasons to stop smoking.

Other factors influencing your success with these procedures may include your own expectations and hopes as a result of planning these procedures. There are many skin ageing problems that will not be helped at all by cosmetic injectables. The use of muscle relaxants to reduce wrinkles only works in lines caused by hyperdynamic facial muscle action. Lines that are deeply embedded in the face when no muscular action is pulling on those lines will not change after muscle relaxant injections.

As Future Dental works in close harmony with Face Today Medi-clinic, we can we refer you there for a number of different treatments such as microdermabrasion, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and fractional laser.

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