Foods to avoid this Halloween

Don’t forget to take care of your oral health this Halloween.

Halloween is fast approaching, and while it should be a fun time for you and your family, it’s important that you don’t forget about your teeth and gums when you snack on seasonal treats. Here’s what to avoid for the sake of your oral health:

  1. Gummy candy

    Any candy that has a gummy consistency tends to stick to the teeth. The longer the candy is in contact with your teeth, the more acid is produced in the mouth and the higher the risk of decay. If you do snack on sticky candy, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards to try and get rid of any leftover particles that may have got stuck in your teeth and along your gum line.

  2. Granola bars

    While granola bars may seem like a healthy alternative to candy, it’s important to know that they are actually often packed with sugar. They also tend to be hard on the teeth and can cause cracks and chips.

  3. Hard candy

    Hard candy takes a long time to eat, which means that your teeth are exposed to sugar for extended periods of time. Avoid hard sweets like lollipops and boiled mints — if you feel like something sweet, rather opt for something soft like chocolate, which can be eaten quickly and easily cleaned away with a drink of water afterwards.

  4. Sweet drinks

    Carbonated and sweetened drinks tend to be very acidic and high in sugar content, which makes them a major culprit when it comes to tooth decay. Excessive consumption of soda can cause some serious damage to the enamel of your teeth, leading to stains and discolouration, as well as sensitivity. Rather drink water as much as possible — it will keep you hydrated, which is good for overall health, and won’t cause stains or cavities.

  5. Popcorn

    While popcorn makes a tasty snack, it can cause havoc on your teeth if it’s not properly cooked. In fact, biting into half-cooked popcorn kernels can cause teeth to crack, while husks often get stuck between the teeth and can cause considerable gum pain. If you do choose to serve popcorn at your Halloween party, just make sure that you don’t chew on uncooked and hard pieces.

  6. Dried fruit

    Although dried fruit is full of fibre, it does tend to contain a lot of sugar. The sweet snack is also very sticky, and it can get easily stuck in hard-to-reach places in the mouth, which can lead to the development of cavities. Similarly, chocolate-coated raisins contain high levels of sugar and the fruit often gets stuck in the grooves of the teeth.

  7. Barbeque meats

    If you are hosting a Halloween party at home, you might choose to have a barbeque and serve up a selection of meats. It’s worth noting, however, that the sweet, sticky sauces that are often used to coat ribs and chicken wings are usually full of sugar and can increase your risk of tooth decay. Barbeque sauces also tend to be acidic and may contain colourants that can stain your teeth. For these reasons, they should be enjoyed in moderation. If you are serving chicken wings or ribs, be careful that you don’t bite directly into the bone as this could cause painful cracks in your teeth.

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