How Home Sleep Study Platforms Work

Wondering what the best sleep tracking device for curing sleep disorders is?

It has been said that you can’t fix or improve what you cannot track, and that’s very true for one of the most essential functions in our lives, sleep. Over the last 5 years, we’ve all become well aware of the importance of getting good quality sleep, for 8 hours with minimum distractions and issues. We’ve also discovered that a large number of the world’s population struggles to achieve this kind of sleep. For some, it’s due to stress and for others, it’s due to deeper underlying and undiagnosed sleep disorders.

Imagine if all the people struggling to get their Zs every night could get information that could help them overcome this problem that does so much damage to their health? This is where home sleep studies come in. By tracking sleep, we’re able to gain a lot more information that can be applied to help you improve your sleep or solve your sleep disorder.

Home Sleep

Home Sleep brings the technology of laboratory-based sleep studies into the comfort of your home, with a small monitor that’s fitted onto your clothes. After two weeks, you can get a detailed report of how you’re sleeping, which can then be used to improve your sleep, whether it’s through orthodontics or environmental changes.

Issues & Disorders That Can Be Identified By Home Sleep

Home sleep can help people identify a number of sleep disorders, and this information, paired with orthodontists and doctors can really change how you sleep and maximise rest and recovery.

This information includes;

Sleep disturbances: Many people struggle to sleep well every night because there are factors in their immediate environment that disturb their sleep. Whether it’s a noisy room, a room that’s too hot, devices or the presence of light, and other issues.

Breathing interruptions and irregular heartbeat: By tracking your breathing patterns while you sleep, Home Sleep can help to identify sleep breathing conditions like sleep apnoea, which is a very common sleep disorder that can go undiagnosed for years.

Teeth grinding: Teeth grinding is another highly common sleep disorder that creates serious sleep issues. The home sleep device can be used to identify this disorder, and this information can lead to a solution – the use of a splint to control the grinding and other treatment options.

Fitness Watch Sleep Tracking vs. Home Sleep Studies

What is the difference between the sleep information you can get from an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch? While fitness watches can help you gain more information on how long you sleep, and how much deep sleep you get, these trackers cannot pinpoint specific conditions like sleep apnoea and teeth grinding.

Once you’ve identified the sleep disorder that’s impeding your sleep, and it’s sleep apnoea or teeth grinding you will need to work with a dental and orthodontic team that can help you finally start getting the sleep you deserve. Our team would be happy to help, get in touch with us.

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