Could your smile benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry

Your smile can be your finest physical asset, gives you a good chance at creating a great first impression and is one of your most convincing forms of communication.


If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry but are unsure of what treatment is right for you, Dr Bob Gibbins has put together these sets of following pointers to help you define what you would like to improve.

  1. Are you uncomfortable smiling in front of people or a camera?
  2. Do you ever place your hand over your lower face when smiling?
  3. Does your smile make you look older than you like?
  4. Do you compare your own smile to others wishing you had their smile?
  5. Do you have a clear idea of how you would like your smile to look?
  6. When looking in the mirror, do you feel you have imperfections in your teeth or gums?
  7. Would you like whiter teeth?
  8. Would you like pinker gums?
  9. Do you show too much gums, gummy spaces between teeth or uneven gums?
  10. Do you feel your teeth are too large or too small?
  11. Do you have gaps in your teeth or spaces where teeth are missing?
  12. Are your teeth crowded or uneven?
  13. Do you feel dissatisfied with the shape of your teeth?
  14. Do you feel your teeth look worn, chipped, flattened or ageing?
  15. Do your front teeth have hollow wear grooves on their edges?
  16. Do your fillings or crowns look noticeable or discoloured?
  17. Do you have visible metal fillings or cavities?
  18. Do your teeth stick out or sit over your lower lip?
  19. Do your teeth look like they are sloping backwards?
  20. Do your teeth meet poorly or have a space at the front when your mouth is closed?
  21. Are your teeth stained from food, drink, smoking or medicines?
  22. Do your teeth have whitish or discoloured patches on them?
  23. Do your feel your teeth do not follow your lip-line nicely?
  24. Do you feel your lips hide your teeth?
  25. Do your lips show creases or folds or look too thin?
  26. Does your jaw look too narrow?
  27. Does your chin or lower jaw look too small or too big?
  28. Do you feel your lower face accentuates the size of your nose?
  29. Does the line of your teeth seem to slope to one side?Does your face look unsymmetrical or too long?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from a smile analysis.

How your smile can benefit from cosmetic dentistry with Future Dental

We regularly attend the world’s best leaders’ conferences and travel widely throughout Australia and internationally very frequently, to bring you the latest techniques as taught to us by only the world’s most acclaimed experts.

Your smile is unique and personal to you, so you can tell us exactly what you want, and together we will create the smile that brings out the very best in you.

How to speed up the assessment if you live a long way from Cairns

If you have a reasonable digital camera, we can get a good idea of your needs to help you determine if you are prepared to come to Cairns for your care.

The photos you will need to send include:

  • one full face smiling photo from front on
  • one from either side at 45 degrees and a side view from both sides
  • two close up photos front on with lips held clear just showing top and bottom teeth both with teeth together and just far enough apart to show the tops of the lower front teeth
  • one close-up smiling just showing lips and teeth
  • one 45 degree photo from each side teeth together and holding the cheek aside enough to show side teeth

A useful tip is to use the flash and also to set the camera to macro mode when doing close ups. These can be emailed to with your enquiry.

If we get a clear full face photo, we can give you a good idea of how your smile can look and send it back to you using our software package Dental Snap, one of the first of these Cosmetic Imaging packages in Australia.

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