Morning breath is perfectly normal

Morning breath is perfectly normal – here’s why and how to deal with it.

Our saliva flow slows down greatly over night when it is needed less and the drying out (inspisation) of our saliva and mucus membranes allows a large build-up of VSCs. If we lie on our backs during parts of our sleep, our mouths fall open and dries out even more, causing strong or even offensive breath and we are usually not awake enough to even realise it until those closest to us notice it first and hopefully draw it to our attention. A tongue cleaner and a thorough water mouth rinsing usually does the trick but even better if you have the correct mouthwash of the type usually only available through a very knowledgeable dental office will do the trick but brushing and flossing the teeth will also get rid of the remainder. It is nothing to be concerned over but just needs these simple remedies. You are not unhealthy if this is the cause. Just need to be aware.

Our usual legal drugs of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. The more you consume the more bad breath may result. When you use two or more types you are more likely to be effected. How much is too much? More than 2 standard drinks, more than 3 coffees a day (especially if you like it good and strong) and any number of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco and marijuana. If you have a good night out, have a few social smokes and drinks, and finish with a coffee or two, expect dreadful breath the next day. Chain smokers, high alcohol consumers (including alcoholics), and binge drinkers will also expect to have breath disorders. Green tea and peppermint tea may actually help reduce bad breath and normal tea and white tea seem to have much less impact than coffee despite containing some caffeine. De-caffeinated coffee may be a fair substitute but without the caffeine hit many of seem to need. Energy drinks contain a very unhealthy level of caffeine and should be avoided or minimised. Soft drinks in general and various unhealthy carbohydrates (as in cakes and biscuits) are considered to contribute to bad breath in some cases.

If you suffer from more persistent bad breath, however, you should come and see us! Halitosis is the official name of the condition and there are many reasons why you may suffer from this.

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