An Open Letter From Dr Bob Gibbins RE: COVID-19

Hello Everyone,

We have been together in some cases for 3 decades and longer; so many of my clients (and indeed myself) have come to recognise that this relationship has become more than just a professional one, but also a strong and trusting friendship.

I share your feelings of stress and concern at this unique era in our lives. It is truly a time of uncertainty for us all.

When it comes to our health, we now face enforced restrictions with the deferral of elective or non-essential services for the time being at least.

To many, this still entails a level of stress and raises valid questions regarding our health. E.g.

  1. Will my outstanding health issues deteriorate?
  2. Will I still be able to afford elective procedures at the end of this?
  3. Can I expect something to turn into an emergency by waiting?
  4. How will I be able to be seen if my health-care professionals are placed under such restrictions?

These are all valid considerations and health-care professionals around the world are asking the very same questions about how we can continue to care for our patients.
From an oral health perspective, please know that we are still here to look after you.

We will still be seeing any patient who has an emergency or is in pain.

The last few weeks have been spent setting up Future Dental to be able to offer Tele-Health consultancy.

You may ask “What good will that do?” – Over the years I have learnt that an accurate diagnosis can usually be made through patient participation and by asking the right questions.

From that diagnosis, we can determine a number of things. Do you need:

  1. Further tests
  2. X-Rays
  3. A prescription for the correct medications
  4. A referral to see a Specialist
  5. Can various over-the-counter products help
  6. What can you do to help yourself
  7. Most importantly, does your problem need immediate attention or can you be reassured that a short period of deferral will not cause further suffering, pain, cost or inconvenience?

We will continue to see emergencies at Future Dental, as we have done throughout this period.

Just call us

We also now offer a Virtual Face to Face Video Consultation online, simply by phoning us on 07 4051 4580 or 0477 723 491, to arrange a mutually suitable time for your private and secure discussion with Dr Bob.

During this consultation, you can feel free to speak about any oral health concerns you may have, whether it relates to an emergency or not. Sometimes it is just reassuring to talk about things.

I envisage continuing to offer this Tele-Dentistry service permanently after this period of severe social distancing and service restriction is over.

In the meantime, please be safe and happy and healthy.

With kindest regards,
Bob :)

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