How Important Are Dental Check-Ups?

Future Dental provide minimally invasive and technologically advanced cleaning treatments that will effectively maintain your oral health

Our aim here at Future Dental is to provide our Cairns patients with the highest levels of oral care and minimally invasive dentistry. We are passionate about changing people’s lives and smiles for the better by offering unparalleled attention and communication. Our approach is focused on creating a beneficial, long-term relationship with our patients and their families and to work with each individual to ensure they receive the highest quality dental care.

We make use of the latest in dental technologies and techniques in order to exceed the expectations of our patients and only offer services we would ourselves consider. When you come in to see us for a dental check-up, we will examine and diagnose you as if money was no object, as a part of our dedication to selecting the best course of action for your needs. This includes our restorative dentistry treatment which are designed to return your teeth to their former glory and to help you prevent tooth decay.

Preventative Dentistry from Future Dental

We firmly believe that prevention is far better than cure and maintaining your dental health is key to this. It is vitally important to have professional teeth cleaning treatment every six months in order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. This is not just for your oral health, but for your general health as well.

Periodontal disease results in high levels of bacteria in your smile which causes harmful inflammation. Usually, when you go in for your check-up, your teeth will be examined for cavities by visual inspection, x-rays and probing by your dentist. But are these three more traditional methods as accurate as they should be? At Future Dental we use highly advanced dental technologies such as DiagnoCam to show us exactly where early tooth decay and cavities begin and are able to treat these concerns before they become a bigger problem.

Our WaterLase MDX Laser and Air Abrasion technique are extremely effective in conserving vital tooth structure. This means we are not reliant upon traditional drilling to remove tooth decay. We are able to offer you dental care that causes minimal, or no discomfort while maintaining the strength and beauty of your teeth. When it comes to conserving as much healthy, natural tooth as possible, it is important that there is enough of the tooth remaining in order to properly repair the damage that has been done.

State-Of-The-Art Dentistry from Future Dental

At Future Dental not only do we provide a personal touch to our patients, but we are also at the cutting edge of technology in dentistry. We are the only practice in Far North Queensland that offers laser, drill and Air Abrasion treatments. We also offer Waterlase which provides pinpoint accuracy and reduces the chances of damaging healthy tissue. Waterlase dentistry uses a patented technology which combines laser energy and a spray of water in a process called HydroPhotonics.

This process is used to perform a wide range of procedures in teeth, gum and bone in a far more comfortable fashion. Often the treatment is used to replace the drill and some fillings can even be performed without the need for any anaesthesia resulting in a more relaxing experience. It can also strengthen the bond between your tooth and fillings that you have had put in.

Regular Check-Up’s with Future Dental

Our laser dentistry is performed by Dr Bob Gibbons, Dr Tony Nguyen and Dr Norli Wan Mokhtar who are fully trained in the practice of minimally invasive, cutting-edge dental technologies and are fellows of the World Clinic Laser Institute.

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