Ozone Healing Cairns

HealOzone therapy reduces the need to fill teeth and reduces the size of fillings

This revolutionary new method exploits the curative and disinfecting effect of ozone gas. It can be used to entirely cure areas of early decay, without the need for anaesthetics, drilling and filling.

HealOzone can be used on various applications – it has no known risks or side effects. It is used for the treatment of caries/decay and for avoiding root treatment in very deep cavities which almost reach the nerve. Over 10 years ago, Future Dental brought the very first HealOzone unit into Australia. Today we have a second even more potent unit.

How can you benefit from the use of ozone in dental care?

Are you asking yourself how you can benefit from ozone in dentistry? The answers are clear and many!

  • Reduces the need for injections
  • Reduces the need for drilling
  • Non-invasive
  • Very quick and conservative
  • Instant bacterial elimination
  • Greatly reduces fear and apprehension as it is virtually pain-free
  • Allows saliva to remineralise your tooth the way it is intended to

Your saliva is saturated with calcium and phosphate ions, the building blocks of healthy tooth structure. Tooth decay occurs when the power of acids produced by tooth decay bacteria and certain foods and drinks exceeds the power of your saliva to neutralise these acids. By eliminating the bacteria and avoiding the damaging foods, your saliva takes over and repairs the damaged tooth structure. This is where HealOzone helps in eliminating decay in your mouth.

What does ozone do? How does it help treat teeth decay?

Ozone is the most powerful method of killing all bacteria, viruses and fungi and is completely painless and safe. The HealOzone is applied by a handpiece with a disposable silicone cup that seals around the cavity and pumps ozone gas into the decay and sucks it back out again where it is converted back to oxygen. This kills all the bacteria in under 40 seconds per application and either the final smaller and cheaper filling is placed or sometimes, an intermediate provisional filling is used for three months depending on how deep the decay was.

Because we don’t have to remove so much tooth structure, your chances of needing a huge filling, a crown, a root canal therapy or even an extraction are often eliminated completely, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Ozone is the true revolution in dentistry

Dental caries (tooth decay) is a transmissible bacterial infection that results in a number of different types of bacteria that require a diet rich in natural sugars and that thrive in an acidic environment within the plaque and calculus present on your teeth.Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent and is lethal to bacteria, viruses and fungi in very quick time.

At that time, we may place a fissure sealant or a much smaller (and cheaper) filling than you would have otherwise required without the use of ozone. The advantages to you are:

  • Normally no injections
  • No trauma, pain or even discomfort
  • Quick, non-invasive treatment

The HealOzone is also used for disinfection of the root canal during root treatment and for the sterilisation of tooth surfaces when making fillings, or before inserting crowns or inlays. It can also be used in the treatment of viral diseases for herpes and thrush, as early as possible after the first signs.

As with a few of our high tech equipment tools, we were the very first in Australia to install it before any other users. It is a powerful tool for desensitizing exposed or worn roots of teeth that react painfully to cold, heat or sweet foods and drinks or even just breathing cool air through the mouth.


What is HealOzone therapy?

HealOzone therapy is a technique in which ozone gas is used to treat areas of decay without the need for drilling, filling, and anaesthetics. The ozone gas works by killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and is applied with the use of a headpiece and disposable silicone cup that seals around the cavity. The gas is pumped into the decay, sucking it out, converting it into oxygen and killing all bacteria.

What are the benefits of HealOzone therapy?

Ozone gas reduces the need for injections and drilling, and works very quickly and effectively to eliminate bacteria. Because the method is non-invasive and virtually pain-free, patients generally feel less anxious about receiving treatment, compared with more traditional techniques. The technique also allows saliva to remineralise the teeth, which helps to repair the damaged tooth structure.

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