One Visit Dental Crowns Cairns

For a faster, more affordable dental crown treatment, Future Dental offers one visit crowns.

Rhondium logoOne visit crowns are a ceramic restoration Future Dental are offering to help patients. This treatment is half the cost of a traditional dental crown, and only takes around an hour to complete the whole treatment.

Want to treat damaged teeth in a single dental visit?

Cost is one of the biggest reasons people don’t go ahead with dental treatment. Or, at least, it stops people from getting dentistry when they need it, because they have to first save, and then budget for treatment.

With One Visit Crowns, treatment is half the price of a normal crown. And while it is not as strong nor as long-lasting as a regular dental crown—it is better than leaving your tooth unprotected.

What a One Visit Crown can do for your oral health

Dental crowns protect weak teeth from fracturing and restore badly fractured or heavily filled teeth. With the One Visit Crown, you can walk out of our clinic on the same day, with crowns that look like your own teeth.

This treatment option saves time

Dental crown treatment normally takes weeks—from initial consultation to fitting. With the One Visit Crown, the whole treatment is performed in one appointment.

Affordable dental crown treatment

This new technology makes your treatment affordable. As One Visit Crowns are more efficient to fabricate, Future Dental is able to pass the savings on to you.

A dental restoration that looks and feels natural

The One Visit Crown looks like your natural teeth, so you can’t tell the difference. The material used to fabricate the crown is colour-matched to your teeth, for a seamless look.

Less drilling required for the One Visit Crown

A conservative option, the One Visit Crown preserves your remaining tooth structure. Which means there is less drilling involved compared to conventional crowns.

Cost of One visit Crown

At Future Dental we will be charging 50% of normal #613 fee i.e. $975 instead of $1850.

One Visit Crown FAQs

How long does the appointment for One Visit Crown take?

Normally we would suggest 50-80 minutes from start to finish.

Are One Visit Crowns as good as an EMAX Crown?

No! But they are half the price.

The reason they aren’t so good is the shape of the entire occlusal surface is pre-formed to an idealistic shape. A custom made EMAX Crown is made to fit the existing occlusal pattern. A One Visit Crown has to be modified once inserted to fit the occlusion.

Are they as strong or precisely fitting as an EMAX?

No! But they are a lot stronger and more secure than a huge composite resin filling that covers 3, 4 or 5 surfaces and often involves cusps (the pointed sections on the biting surface of the teeth). The accuracy of fit can be still be quite good.

When would Future Dental recommend a One Visit Crown?

We would recommend a One Visit Crown when the cost for a permanent crown is beyond what a patient can afford. When a number of crowns are required, and the patient needs to spread the cost.

If you would like to know more about One Visit Crowns, or to book an appointment with Future Dental, contact us today.

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